How to redirect automatically a blog to another blog!

Hello Dear Reader!
First of all I will say thanks to my reader and will invite him to join the easy way by following blog.As you know I am going to tell you an easy way to automatically  redirect your one blog to another blog using flash Or Java Script.I will not go into deep detail with this assumption that you have basic knowledge about flash and blogger.
Redirect Using Flash

Are you thinking why I redirect my blog?
There are two reasons.
1:I redirect my blog to gain more 10 blog pages.You know in any blog we can only create ten pages.So by creating new blog with little different name I can use more 10 pages.For this keep in mind that all connected blogs should have same to same templates, gadgets, title, menu etc but different pages.
For Example
My original blog is you can come to this blog with or
2:When I create a new blog then the old blog's readers can automatically be drived to new blog.Or sometime when I have to drive automatically my reader from specific post to another blog.

So let's get started.

Step 1:
     First of all you should have installed Macromedia Flash 8.If you don't have this program then CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE OF THIS PROGRAM.

Step 2:
    Open the program and adjust the movie's dimension (size) as you want.

Now select text tool (by pressing simply "t").And type 'PLEASE WAIT YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY BEING REDIRECTED TO ORIGINAL BLOG'.This is not recommended to type this same phrase you can write anything regarding redirection.You can set text's properties according to your need.KNOW KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A VERY SIMPLE ANIMATION WHICH WILL BE DISPLAYED ON THE PAGE OF RBLOG (Rblog means that blog from which readers are being redirected to other blog,This is just for easiness.).
 After setting up text know place four circles with any gradient as

to do this quickly make a circle of your choice and copy it four time in straight line.(Press Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to past).
Step 3:
      Now come across the layer.On frame 5 insert keyframe (For this right click on frame five and select Insert Keyframe.

Same as make the frames 10, 15, 20, 25, 26  as keyframe.Like this.

Step 4:
        Now select frame 5 and deselect all by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A.Then click on first circle and change it's color according to your choice.(To change color select Paint Bucket Tool by pressing "k") and select any gradient or color.In this same way select frame 10, 15, 20, 25, 26 and color the first (2, 3, 4 ,4, 4) circles respectively.

Press Enter to check if circles are being colored alternatively.(This is test only).Now visual work have done.We are going to add some action script on layers (which tells movie to redirect).
Step 5:
     Select frame 25 and go to the action script panel (If this panel is not opened then press F9 to open it).Make sure frame 25 is selected.Know just past the following command in action script panel.


Replace the address ( with your that blog's address which is being opened by Rblog.(I mean to say replace it with your destination blog's address.) Becareful because quotes ("") must be Exist.Just change the gray colored area.
After this select frame 26 and past in action panel.
Did you noticed that after putting action script on frame 25 and 26 a small alphabet "a" is written on frames.This tells that action script is applied on frames.
That's it.
You have done now go to File>Export>Export Movie (Or press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S) and save it.Know Put this movie in Rblog' main post (Main post means latest post of your Rblog which is displayed first on opening blog.).If you don't know that how to put flash file in blogger then read my this simple tutorial to do this 
Sometime some users don't have flash player and therefore they cannot be redirected to blog so I will suggest you to put a link of your original blog under this flash movie.

Redirect Using Java Script

Here is simple code of java script with which you can let your visitors to redirect without showing any animation and quickly.Just copy below code and replace the address "" with your blog.And add the code into blog as first post (If you want to use it's pages in other blog) or add it as gadget.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""
Thats it.

Live Demo of tutorial
If you will go to or you will automatically redirected to my original blog.